Your Bridal Dress Questions Answered!

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When should I start looking for my bridal gown?

Bridal gowns take around 6 months to make (although short orders are possible), so it is never too soon to start looking. Do not worry about fashions and seasons, bridal gowns are timeless classics. Lace will always be synonymous with weddings, and really there is no such saying as “last season” with wedding dresses. If you fall in love with a dress 2 years before your wedding, then go for it, just make sure to stop looking at that point.

I am getting married abroad, are there any styles that are better for me?

You are probably best to go for a lighter fabric, so as not to be too hot, however, a hooped underskirt will allow air to circulate under a fuller skirt to keep you cool. If you are hoping to have a fuller dress, you have to consider how you are going to carry this on the airline, as we would never recommend putting your dress in the hold.

I really want a certain style of dress, but my mum wants me to wear something completely different, what should I do?

This is tricky, but it can often be helpful to warn your consultant so that they can play mediator. Your choice as the bride should always be priority, although mum’s feeling need to be considered. However, the consultant should advise a number of styles as they look different on each brides shape than in the pictures, or on a hanger. When the brides favourite is decided, then often mum will be convinced when she sees how happy her daughter is. In some situation the consultant with pre-warning can steer mums to dresses they know the bride likes.

I don’t want to wear white, what are my options?

White is very rarely chosen these days. Ivory is the most popular choice, with blush and champagne also being very popular. If ivory is too pale for you, you can add a splash of colour with a belt or a bolero. I have seen many brides adding a small piece of the tartan from the kilts to their dress too.

I’m an older bride, is it okay for me to wear a traditional wedding dress?

There is no age in bridal, I have sold to brides from age 20 to 64. My 64 year old bride wore a lace dress with a full skirt and a lace trimmed veil, and she was beautiful. As long as the bride feels comfortable, she can wear any style of gown.

My bridesmaids are all very different shapes and sizes, how can I get them all dresses?

This can be difficult, but not impossible! We have many styles of bridesmaid dresses that flatter all shapes and ages. However, a good alternative is to allow the bridesmaid a dress to flatter their individual shape, but keep the colours the same. On the same line, some brides choose one dress, but in different shades depending on the bridesmaids colouring.

Is there a difference between boutique shopping, and the bigger national chains?

I think this all comes down to customer service. A bride must feel the most important person in the store, and aften small boutique businesses can give that extra time and attention, and a bit more of a personal service. But this can differ from consultant to consultant. Collections in bridal boutiques can also be more exclusive, where as chains will stock the same gowns in each of their stores. But once a bride falls in love with “The One”, the follow up service needs to be perfect and the bride must still be treated as an individual. My personal experience with the larger stores, is that they have so many more brides to deal with, the service becomes a little impersonal and robotic after the dress is bought.

I am not sure about a veil, does every bride wear one?

This is totally your choice, and there is no rule book for your wedding (unless of course you wrote one!). The choice is often dictated by the dress you have chosen. If your dress is particularly detailed at the back, but you want a veil, go for a single tiered veil as this is then transparent enough to still see the detail on your gown. If you have a detailed train, a short veil is good, as it will not cover the train. For a dress with a train that is plain, have a lace edge, or a bit of sparkle to add some detail in your veil.

The most important thing for all brides to know it this…

In choosing your gown, put your trust in your consultant. If they are not getting something right, tell them! Your feedback is vital. We can only work with what you tell us, and don’t worry about being honest.